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The greatest strength of Learning Geology is the strong sense of community which we offer one another. We each have something unique that we can teach or an experience we can share that could help others thrive when faced with a disaster.
At Learning Geology, we welcome articles submitted from our readers and fellow provided they are written with the intention of helping others. Following are the editorial guidelines for submissions.

Editorial Guidelines

  • Your post or article must be your own original work.
  • The information in the article must be relevant to the scope of this blog.
  • We reserve the right to edit the submission if it is used on the site. This being said, please edit your article prior to submitting it. Your submission may not be published if it is filled with grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Affiliate links within your article are not allowed.
  • Please feel free to include a link to your own blog or website as well as include reference for information verification or for further information.
  • Please do not submit an article that advertises a product or includes affiliate links either in the body of the article or the byline. 
  • If you offer a product or service at your web site, we can include this as part of you author bio.
  • You may submit your article within an email as a MS Word attachment. 
You will be notified upon receipt of your article. If there are any editorial or revision issues, We will try to contact you.

Formatting the Article

The article should be prepared according to the following guidelines:
  • The subject of the article should be related to Geology and its branches e.g. Petroleum geology, Engineering Geology, Economic Geology, Medical Geology etc.
  • The length of articles is normally 500-2,000 words.
  • The article should have relevant pictures (real time, illustrations) at required positions.
  • Pictures should be cited at proper positions in text. 
  • The picture courtesy should be given to the copyright owner.
  • The article should not violate copyrights at any mean.
  • At the beginning of the article, list the title, author’s name and provide a concise bio.
  • It would be helpful to include a list of key words you want to article to be related to.
The article for submission should be send at

Note: Frequent good article contributor to Learning Geology will be made permanent author of the Blog.

Thank you for being a reader and contributor to LEARNING GEOLOGY.