What should you do on a field trip?

Geologist when goes on a field trip should know about equipment which he will use in the field. Some categorical equipments are:
Personal use:
  • Cap
  • Shoes which can endure the stress
Field use:
  • Stationary (pen, pencil, note book, eraser, sharpener, ruler and more of need)
  • Geological hammer
  • Burunton compass
  • GPS
  • Maps
  • Laptop
  • Camera
These are some equipments which are readily used in the field. If geologist is trying to note down a formation for detail study, must be a keen observer. Carefully observe the formation from small to large scale. 

Distinguishing lithology:
To distinguish lithology few things can be done by naked eye
  • Note down colour (fresh) of the formation
  • Differentiate sediments (coarse or fine) this will tell you if it is sandstone, calcite, limestone etc
  • Look for sedimentary structures if any this will differentiate about environment of deposition
  • Sedimentary texture should be written

Sequence of formation:
  • Look for formational lithology variation (interbedding)
  • Thickness of lithology should be observed
More knowledge gaining on the formation should be studied in the laboratory under microscope (thin section), the above are the field observation which will provide basic knowledge.

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