Earth axis has changed

The axis of rotation of Earth is the one that determines the season of our planet. Earth axis as believed previously is the 23.5 degrees which is known from a long time but it's not any more the same as before but has shifted not gradually. There is no reason to include for the shift but evidence can provide the shift. Earth’s Axis has modified where the evidence for it is right in front of us. The season has drifted more ahead. Few years back it, the winter start was from September with intense in December but not any more. The winter now has shifted from September to November with intense in January and February and yet is dragged a lot to April and May. There will in all probability be a lot of weather over future month. Possibly more into March and April. North east is being pounded with historic levels of “Snow hurricanes”. The sun that ought to never be farther north than the tropic of Cancer in middle Mexico or farther south than the Tropic of Capricorn in middle Australia is currently considerably on the far side those points. The sun is currently regarding 2000 miles too way north within the summer shining in our northern windows and too way south within the winter shining in their southern facing windows at sunrise and sunset. 

The orbit round the sun had probably altered the direction of the angle  observations and measurements of the abnormal position of the sun due to a big shift of our axis in Dec 2004 is currently verified.

However, it's additionally considerably shifted once more within the past year for the primary time since 2004. You can measure it for yourself when you see the sun position is too far north of your home in June (northern hemisphere) when it should never be north of the Tropic of Cancer and too far south in the winter.
Many people don't seem to be tuned in to true. You can look into the sun position and verify the weather changes.


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