Sunday, September 21, 2014


Paleontology is the study of fossils. Fossils are any remains of the organism lived and preserved on this Earth by millions of years ago. Any organism from large to micro level are the part of paleontology. The history of earth is preserved in these fossils. Our generation haven't seen any dinosaurs but it is the fact lived million years ago. These fossils are the key to study earth from its beginning. There were many creatures lived on this earth which are extinct but their fossils preserved and discovered reveals the history. These remains are studied under paleontology
Types of paleontology includes vertebrates and invertebrates

Vertebrates paleontology

Vertebrates are organism that have backbone. Backbone presence shows that organism have skeletal remains. Skeleton is the hard part of an organism which are preserved through years and are now studied. As the soft parts of organism are decayed through time but hard skeleton preserved are discovered.


There are many organism which do not have backbone hence do not have skeleton in them but there are hard parts of an organism which are preserved. Shell remains which are made of mostly silicates and calcium are preserved. The remaining body can be assumed and studied.

This study helps in examining and interpreting creature habitat, body functions and food consumption.