Calbuco volcano, Chile volcanic activity

Calbuco volcano, Chile

As recent activity in Chile regarding active volcanism suggests that it is indeed the recent most active magmatesim. On 3rd March it was reported volcanic activity from Villarrica volcano which erupted with fumes and magma in the air. Villarica is situated in the south of Chile with that of Calbuco in south too. 
Calbuco volcano, Chile
That Calbuco volcano hasn't erupted in the last 42 years up till now. It was last erupted in 1961. The Calbuco volcano erupted twice the same day. First eruption was followed by another a few hours later. Well there hasn't been any magma coming out of the volcano but the ash and smoke shot into the sky several kilometres. Calbuco volcano is situated in the south of capital Santiago in a tourist location, Peurto Varas. An area of 20 kilometres is suggested to evacuate for the safety of people but the other dangers are also present as that, if the volcano start lava eruption then melting ice will follow flooding in the area. A strange phenomenon always occur with the eruption where weather is responsible for the thunderstorm with volcanic eruption. Most probably there will be more volcanic eruption followed into the area after the recent two, Villarica and Calbuco.


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