Saturday, 4 April 2015


Phyllite is a metamorphic rock which forms when slate is further metamorphosed until very fine grained white mica attains a preferred orientation. Slate has fine clay flakes which is oriented but with the phyllite it has fine grained mica flakes that are oriented. Its constituent platy minerals are larger than those in slate but are not visible with naked eye. Phyllites are said to have a texture called Phyllitic sheen and are usually classified as having formed through low-grade metamorphism conditions through regional metamorphism.

Phyllitic luster

Minute crystals of graphite, sericite, chlorite or translucent fine grained white mica found in phyllite imparts a silky sheen to the surfaces of cleavage is called phyllitic luster.

Composition of phyllite

Phyllite is composed of graphite, sericite, chlorite, mica and similar minerals.

Colour of phyllite

The colour of phyllite is typically medium grey or greenish.

Phyllite name

The word phyllite is from Greek work Phyllon means leaf so phyllite means leaf-stone.


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